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I have added a number of screencaps to the gallery.

It is to be noted that my Facebook has been taken down.  I am in the middle of a discrimination lawsuit at the moment and cannot afford to have stuff about it said online.  If you want to know what is going on, please email me at mountdoom@comcast.net.  It's a nightmare that I never thought I would have to deal with.  Right now I need more support than I have ever thought imaginable.

Movie Screencaps

- 12 Years a Slave (BluRay)

- American Hustle (BluRay)

- Captain America (BluRay)

- Ender's Game (BluRay)

Posted on 2014 Mar 20 by ladymanson
Du bist mir ans Herz gewachsen...

The last week has kind of sucked.  Got laid off in a massive layoff that laid off 50% of the company.  So in typical fashion, while sending out resumes, I have been capping in between.

Move Screencaps

- Dallas Buyers Club (BluRay)

- Gravity (BluRay)

- Full Metal Jacket (BluRay)

- Hercules (BluRay)

- Hunger Games: Catching Fire (BluRay)

- Lady and the Tramp

- The Little Mermaid

- The Shining (BluRay)

- Thor: The Dark World (BluRay)


Posted on 2014 Feb 20 by ladymanson

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