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To all that have ever done it, serving SUCKS. I love all the people I work with, but the work itself is just brutal.

NEW LAYOUT!!! Yes, finally. It's based on the scene at the end of the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries. I also have a wallpaper of it, which is listed below.

Movie Screencaps- The Conjuring (BluRay)

TV Screencaps
- American Horror Story Season Three (Caught Up)
- Sons of Anarchy Season Six (Caught Up)
- Supernatural Season Nine (Caught Up)
- The Vampire Diaries Season Five (Caught Up)

New Artwork

- Top of the Class: This is a gift for my husband. We finished up season three of "The Vampire Diaries" the other night and when we saw this scene, we just about died because this is SO us!

In the scene, Lexi and Stefan are jamming out to '80's metal because it is the day in which the dead are back on Earth and he wants to spend it partying with her. The reason this is so me and my husband is that we do this ALL the time. He is thirteen years older than me, having had his glory days in the '80s and being a huge fan of heavy metal. I'm just younger and a fan of everything. So we actually spend evenings sitting up until God only knows how late, drinking and listening to '80's metal. Cuz we're dorks.

And I have to mention that I used Lexi's hair in this a lot because well, it's all based on '80's metal. And they had a lot of hair back then. Not to mention the fact that when we watched this, my husband went, "She's got some BADASS hair!" The words in this come from the only movie that ever accompanies those evenings, which is "Bad News". This line is something we goof off with and say all the time.

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Movie? Hellraiser
Music? David Lynch
Tele? Masters of Horror
Book? Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker

Posted on 2013 Oct 23 by ladymanson
Let your love shine down on me...

Got a job! Granted, it is a serving job, minimum wage and weirder hours than I am used to, but it is SOMETHING!!!! I'm so happy! I'll have some kind of income and won't be living on the streets. Seriously, things were getting very bad for a bit there.

Some more caps for you guys. I also did some new artwork.

Movie Screencaps

- Curse of Chucky (BluRay)

- The East (BluRay)

- Much Ado About Nothing (2013) (BluRay)


- Emily's Mother: This piece is based on the X-Files. Another weird kid story, much like my Doctor Who piece. Scully is at her family's home for Christmas. She has dreams about a her sister, who was killed my men who mistook her for Scully, who tells her go to a child. It's a supernatural deal, in that Scully eventually finds the little girl, Emily. The girl is downright identical to Scully's sister, Melissa, when she was a little girl, so she has this crazy idea that Melissa had a child she adopted out. During all this time, Scully is reminded of the fact that she is unable to have children, as she was abducted and experimented on by either aliens or the military (which is up for debate) and had her insides destroyed. She always wanted to have children too.

Scully has the FBI run a check against Emily's DNA to see if the girl is indeed her niece. On Christmas Eve, the test results come back. They yield the fact that Emily is not her niece. She is rather, Scully's daughter. Wrap that one around your head. So for Christmas, Scully literally gets a daughter she never knew she had. I made this with lighter colors because it's happy news and I wanted to make it match up with the Christmas lights in the scene as well. I'm not usually a fan of a TON of text like this, but it was necessary here, I felt. The story had to be told.

- Let Your Love Shine: This piece is based around the gift of a child that is given to Amy and Rory. It is pretty messed up, but it's the land of Doctor Who. It's very hard to explain, but Amy is kidnapped when she is pregnant, but the Doctor and her husband believe her to be with them until she goes into labor and they have to go find her. The people that kidnapped Melody, their daughter, after Amy gives birth, are holding Amy hostage. Rory and the Doctor save both of them, giving Amy her freedom and both of them their daughter. She is unfortunately taken from them again quite soon, but that is another story... This scene is when Rory first sees his wife and daughter together and they are all together as a family. I just love it. I couldn't find the right words for it because it's just one of those types of scenes. Hence, no words.

- Realization: This is one of my favorite scenes in the X-Files both because of the content and the imagery. It is just fantastic. For those not familiar, it is based on two episodes. In the episode "Patient X", Scully goes to a dam with the character, Cassandra, after being brought there by an assassin. The scene is incredibly eerie, as a barrage of faceless aliens appear on the bridge. The episode ends there.

In "The Red and the Black", everyone that was on the bridge is found burned to death, aside from Scully, who lands herself in the hospital. Cassandra is missing, which is odd because she could not walk away, being partially paralyzed. Scully cannot remember anything in regards to the night, so Mulder brings her to a doctor who puts her under hypnosis. Here is where the realization comes into play. She remembers the night, in which the assassins came to kill her and her fellow abductees. However, a group of faceless aliens set them on fire, only to have a UFO appear over them and attacked the faceless aliens, protecting the abductees. They then lifted Cassandra out of her wheelchair and into their ship.

The wall itself shows the scene in which the UFO arrives above Scully and Cassandra. Scully is a full fledged skeptic, despite being abducted, so when she remembers this in the doctors office, she gets a full blown realization of what happened. There is a moment when she sees everything and just yells, "Oh, my god!" which I was initially going to put on the wall. But, it didn't seem to fit. I think it looks better without the wording.

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Movie? Amityville
Music? David Lynch
Tele? Breaking Bad
Book? Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis

Posted on 2013 Oct 08 by ladymanson

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