Will My Nose Piercing Close Up Overnight?

will my nose piercing close up overnight

YES, Your nose piercing can close up not overnight, but within a few minutes, if you have pierced the nose for the first time. If you pierced your nose for a few months, then also it can close up within hours. So basically, nose piercings can close up overnight! So if you want your nose … Read more

Do You Know Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

who should not wear tiger eye stone

To understand this “Who should not wear tiger eye stones“, you need to know what is your zodiac sign. Because if your zodiac sign is Libra, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, or Aquarius; then you should not wear tiger stone according to astrology. Who should not wear tiger eye stones this question is very common among people … Read more

Can Tungsten Rings Be Resized?

Can Tungsten Rings Be Resized

No, it is not possible to resize a Tungsten ring. The metal Tungsten or Tungsten Carbide is mainly known for its rigidity, scratch resistance power and durability. The metal is too brittle and is formed by an atomic bonding process, it is quite risky to cut & resize. Therefore, like gold or platinum ring, the … Read more

Does Stainless Steel Jewelry Tarnish

Does Stainless Steel Tarnish 

Stainless Steel does not need to be highly plated because the amazing metal is non-porous. Therefore it will never experience any kind of tarnish condition. Rather it will turn red in color, fade away and also create a layer of chromium within.  Before you answer the question does stainless steel tarnish or rust, you will … Read more

Why Don’t Guys Wear Engagement Rings?

Why Don't Guys Wear Engagement Rings

Men’s engagement rings weren’t widespread in those days. Engagement rings represent a woman’s shared commitment to her fiancé. It was unusual for a man to propose to his partner with a piece of jewelry, but it was uncommon for his spouse to respond with an engagement ring. This is contrary to historical precedent. It is … Read more

What Does 925 Mean On Jewelry?

what does 925 mean on jewelry

The 925 mark on silver jewelry indicates that the item contains silver of very high purity. It implies that for every 1000 parts of the material that make up the piece of jewelry, 925 of those parts must be made of silver, and the total amount of any other metal in the item should not … Read more