Me? Oh, what's to say? Well, here's some stuff that you may like to know about me.

Personal dorky stuff that I like people to know first.
I am going to be thirty years old in January and am married to the only boyfriend I ever had. He is thirteen years my senior and has a son who is actually only nine years younger than me. Love to freak people out with that little stat. I have no interest in having children, which I like to tell people because it makes me feel better about that decision everytime I say it. Society kind of dictates that women should have children, in my opinion. I have felt for years that I am a bad person for not wanting any of my own, but this makes me feel better. I also have cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy. Too hard to explain it all, so just look it up. I strongly am against those that pick on people for anything whether it be a handicap, religion, race, sexual orientation, or whatever, due to the torment I suffered as a kid from those medical problems. And finally, I'm Catholic, but feels God loves everyone. So you'll get no crazy Catholic from me. The church is a place I go to feel happy and within a community that loves everyone, so there you go. And some miscellaneous stuff: I love German culture, history, cars, music, film, tattoos, the piano (I have played since I was two), Hello Kitty, writing, and reading. I do a ton of fiction writing that I can unfortunately not post here because it is my work and not like, fanfiction. I have numerous novels that I hope to someday publish. I also have an extreme interest in the study of WWII, The Holocaust, and Adolf Hitler. I found this is due to my dislike of people being mistreated - I try to figure out what makes people act in such a way, although I never will. And finally, I love animals. I have a Chihuahua, a Minature Pinscher, and four cats.

Site stuff.
This site originated in 2001 when it was simply about Buffy videos. However, over the years, it has progressed to artwork, fiction, videos, and more. One large section of it is the numerous screencaps that liter my site. I love capping because I really love helping people and know people all over the Internet need caps for various reasons. So I try to cap as much as possible. I have updated this page as it hasn't been updated in nearly three years.

Many people have asked about my favorite films, television shows, and so forth, so I figured I would just list some here. There's a LOT. In general, I am a huge fan of horror with films, but watch others. But I will watch horror films of almost all types throughout the year. I'm an enormous fan of "The Twilight Zone" and love films and such from all eras. The fact that people won't watch films because they are in black and white, silent films, foreign, and more saddens me because they are missing so much. When it comes to books, I enjoy a lot, but am a big fan of horror and satire. Satire is one of my favorite things, for some strange reason.

Actors & Actresses
- Anthony Hopkins
- Christan Bale
- Emily Browning
- Jodie Foster
- Malcolm McDowell
- Naomi Watts
- Ralph Fiennes
- Steve Buscemi (I am so insanely in love with him)
- Tim Roth
- Timothy Olyphant

- American Psycho
- Books of Blood
- Glamorama
- Lunar Park
- Survivor
- Wuthering Heights

Since I am such a film dork, I figure it would be easy to first list my favorite directors and then go on to actual film. Enjoy.

- Alfed Hitchcock
- David Lynch (THE KING)
- Oliver Stone
- Stanley Kubrick

- A Clockwork Orange
- Creepshow
- The Crow
- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
- Lost Highway
- Mulholland Drive
- Natural Born Killers
- The Ring
- Rope
- Silence of the Lambs

- David Bowie
- Marilyn Manson
- Pink Floyd
- Prince
- Rammstein
- Tori Amos
- Type O Negative

These are my particular favs, but I am a huge fan of lots of different music, from classical to country, heavy metal, and much more.

TV Shows: Oh, there are so many! Not in any particular order, but here are some:
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- Dexter
- Doctor Who
- Friday Night Lights
- Justified
- King of the Hill
- Six Feet Under
- The Sopranos
- South Park
- Trailer Park Boys
- True Blood (although I stopped enjoying it when the fifth season aired)
- The Twilight Zone
- The Vampire Diaries
- The X-Files
...and more!

- Bret Easton Ellis (My muse)
- Chuck Palahniuk
- Clive Barker
- Hunter S Thompson

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