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And, we're back...

So the last time I was back on here, I found that the screencapping was all out of order, my gallery refused to upload properly, and I couldn't get my stuff to FTP.  So basically, EVERYTHING was wrong.  EVERYTHING.  It was very frustraitng. On top of work and running my photography business, this was pushed to the back burner.

I recently was let go from a very bad job (blessing in disguise) and have been up the past few nights editing photos and screwing with code.  I fixed all the code on Saturday night and could not have been happier.

Unfortunately, when I was messing with the code, the database that holds my movies with the title D-G was deleted.  Yeah.  I have films in there from the past five years and I have to put them back in.  However, I know there were a number of them that were not so popular, so those will not be added back to it unless they are requested.  It is goiing to take a few days, so please be patient.

I'm very excited to be back up and running!!! :) 

Posted on 2015 Aug 18 by ladymanson
Hello again!

Okay, as many of you may have noticed, the site was recently hacked.  That sucks for a number of reasons.

One, being that ALL my sites were hacked.  This one is my oldest, but my other two are business sites.  

RKH Images is basically my existance at this point.  It is the business my husband and I own, a photography business that we are very much working at bringing to a full time thing.  It makes us money and when that got hacked, we freaked out.  Not only does that cost us incoming clients, it costs us a lot of money and could get us blacklisted on search engines.

1013 Music Reviews is the site for all of our concert photography and music reviews.  It is a subsidary of RKH Images, so having it hacked was rather unpleasant as well.  

Needless to say, I had to to completely demolish the old RKH Images and start from scratch.  It turned out to be a good thing because it cleaned up a lot.  This site and 1013 Music Reviews were easier fixes, but I was freaking out.

Aside from all of that, there has been a LOT going on since we last spoke. I have gone through another job and am currently working on getting the photography thing going full time.  It is becoming very sucessful (please take a look at RKH Images), but as anyone who has started their own business knows, quitting your day job to do your passion full time is not an easy task.  We are currently paying down all of our current debt and will then begin the process of saving to begin full time.  Madness, lol...

On the upside, I have FINALLY figured out how to cap on a Mac in an easy way.  Since it has been so long since I capped, I am just starting from scratch.  It's too tough to remember what I was capping since it was so long ago.  Right now, I am simply focusing on films and will begin TV shows once I get them sorted.

Posted on 2015 May 31 by ladymanson

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