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Real life...

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the uber lack of updates. I swear I say that with all the updates now.

Lots of stuff has happened. Well, real life has happened, which as most people know, puts online stuff to the side.

I’m working my full time job now. I do forty hours a week with that. Our photography business is doing very well, but that keeps us incredibly busy as well, eating up about another thirty hours a week in shooting, booking, and editing.

I also recently took up pole dancing, which includes a lot of side work when it comes to diet, routine, and proper exercise, so there’s another ten or fifteen hours. It has gotten me into incredible shape, which has made my self esteem rise considerably, which I haven’t felt in about ten years. Add to that the other two part time jobs I picked up for extra income and I’m lucky if I sleep ever.

Technologically, I updated from my old PC, which was so dying, to an iMac. I began my computer life on an Apple when I was five years old. It’s only fitting that I switch back to the company again. Also, they are fantastic for photography. The only bummer is that my KM Player, which I use to cap, does not run on a Mac. VLC does, but I still cannot figure out how to cap on it. If anyone out there has capped on BOTH (not one or the other) programs, please email me so I can get that going again.

For those of you who have not seen me on Facebook, there has been some major drama on there. I was treated poorly by people that I felt were friends (in real life, not just online) and I’m honestly just sick of it. Not so much hurt anymore, but just disgusted because of how childish some people can be. I’ll be sending out a formal message to all of you on my Facebook tomorrow in regards to it, but after tomorrow, I most likely will not be activating that thing again.

If you’d like to see some of the craziness I have been partaking in, you can find me over here:





Finally, tomorrow is my 31st birthday!!!!

Posted on 2014 Jan 28 by ladymanson
by ehlwyen @ 16 Feb 2014 05:09 am
So great to hear you have all these things keeping you busy!!! I'm glad you are feeling better about yourself! I think you are awesome and deserve to feel that way! The pole dancing sounds like a lot of fun!
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