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I heard the news today, oh boy...

Okay, so I wanted to post just so you guys know that I am still around, lol...

My screencaps have been lacking lately due to the fact that I switched to a Mac.  When I had my PC, I used the KM Player to screencap, but now I have been working with VLC, as KM Player does not work on a Mac, despite my many attempts with WineBottler.  When I try to cap using VLC, the images are incredibly pixalated, which is REALLY annoying.  I'm not going to post those because they are awful quality.

So, if anyone knows anything about VLC, please let me know.  I cannot figure out how to get good quality out of it.  Until I can, there will be no more caps.


Posted on 2014 May 06 by ladymanson
by russ @ 05 Dec 2014 09:44 pm
Just wanted to thank you for the ALIEN pictures - I'm building a model of the Narcissus interior, and you've saved me weeks of research. Great stuff! Again, thank you!
by Judith @ 28 Nov 2014 07:00 pm
If you would care to contact Angie at Treasurechambers@shaw.ca she may be able to help you with this problem. We would all HATE to lose our Beauty and the Beast 1987 screen caps that we all use and love. Cheers
by dave @ 09 Sep 2014 10:24 pm
To cap Blu Ray on a Mac, if you're capping from physical disc, you will have to get an external player and software -- Aurora Blu Ray Player for instance.
by Aaron @ 09 Aug 2014 04:19 pm
Try this to see if it helps.
Open VLC. In the Menu bar, select VLC --> Preferences
Click on "Video" and at the bottom, change the "Format" to PNG.
This solved my screencap issues with VLC. Hopefully it will yours too :)
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