Can Tungsten Rings Be Resized?

No, it is not possible to resize a Tungsten ring. The metal Tungsten or Tungsten Carbide is mainly known for its rigidity, scratch resistance power and durability.

The metal is too brittle and is formed by an atomic bonding process, it is quite risky to cut & resize. Therefore, like gold or platinum ring, the Tungsten ring can never be bent or reshaped easily as per your requirement. You can only crack or break it by putting enough pressure on the ring.

Can you resize a tungsten ring?

Tungsten rings are made by applying a sintering process which makes the ring so hard & durable. The metal is ten times more powerful than gold and is not malleable like other metals.

Therefore, it is not possible to resize or reshape the ring according to your expectation as the ring cannot be bent at all. You can only crack or break the ring by pressing enough pressure but resizing the Tungsten ring is not possible.

Are tungsten rings safe?

The genuine Tungsten metal is venomous as it may cause lung problems & cancer. But, Tungsten rings which are formed out of jewellery grade metal are absolutely safe for the wearer and a perfect choice for a wedding ring. Moreover, Tungsten rings are not hypoallergenic at all.

But, if your skin is so much sensitive, then avoid any kind of cobalt Tungsten alloy-based rings or bands. Lastly, the ring is not safe for those people who are working in hazardous circumstances. The ring is so rigid that it may break if hit or pressed by any solid surface or equipment which may cause severe injury to your figure.

Can you cut tungsten rings?

Yes! The Tungsten ring can be cut off if needed. Though the ring is so tough & hard, it does not mean that it can’t be cut in an emergency situation. You can only remove or cut the ring by using a vice grip wrench or any type of locking pliers.

Hence, in case of any unavoidable situation where you do not leave with any other option but to cut it, it definitely possible to cut your Tungsten ring at any point in time.

Tungsten Rings: Pros & Cons

With the adaptation of human passions & desires, Fashion changes every time. Whether it may be subjected to dresses or ornaments, women, even also men love to update their wardrobes or jewellery chests.

For its long-lasting quality, versatility & exceptionality, in recent days Tungsten jewels become couples’ most distinctive choice as an engagement ring or as a wedding gift.

There are lots of advantages & disadvantages of Tungsten rings. So, before buying the ring, check the pros & cons thoroughly as it is suitable for you or not. Let’s have a look at that –

  • Pros:
Durability & Solidity -

The first and foremost feature of a Tungsten ring is its rigidity and durability. The ring is so hard & has scratch-resistant ability and looks so stunning that many brides & grooms appreciate Tungsten rings for their special day.

Tungsten rings & bands are 10 times more powerful than gold or other metals, therefore, you can use Tungsten rings or bands in your daily fashion as the ornaments will last for long after your wedding day without being faded.

Unique & Exclusive -

Have you gotten bored of wearing traditional gold & silver accessories and want to embrace an exceptional look at your wedding? You can definitely go with these fashionable Tungsten accessories as the metal comes in different colours like black, grey and white.

A Tungsten ring gives your gesture an elite & exceptional look. Gents who like different contemporary, lustrous and masculine appearances can also follow the trend of Tungsten bands too.

Affordability -

Price & quality is the most important fact when you are going to buy a precious thing, especially jewellery. Where gold & platinum rings offer you a high budget, Tungsten rings and bands provide you with a trendy look at a reasonable price and superior quality.

It is quite affordable than gold or other gems and will definitely make your day a special one. Therefore, within your budget and without sacrificing the quality, you can obtain a solid Tungsten ring for long-lasting use.

Easy to Clean -

Unlike other metals, Tungsten rings need no extra care or maintenance. You can wash it under running water by using a mild soap. Just avoid any harsh chemicals while wearing the ring. Unlike diamond or other gems, original and tough Tungsten is absolutely alcohol-safe. So, don’t get bothered while using sanitiser.

  • Cons:
Can’t be resized -

The main downside of a Tungsten ring is it cannot be resized as the metal is not malleable if compared to others. The ring is so hard & solid that you are not able to bend it. If not bought in an appropriate size, it is not possible to adjust the ring or band to a perfect fit.

You can only break it by pushing with enough strength. So, whenever you buy a Tungsten ring, don’t be scared, just make sure that the ring is appropriate for you; otherwise, you have to exchange it.

Risk of Crack & Break -

Because of its too much toughness, Tungsten is, therefore, brittle & breakable enough.

The ring may crack or smash if it accidentally hits a hard surface and unfortunately, the broken Tungsten ring or band can never be restored by any jeweller. So if you work on a construction site, think twice before buying your favourite Tungsten band.

Can be affected by Chemicals?

Tungsten rings are resilient, but destructible too, especially when the metal comes in touch with the chemical. There are many types of harsh chemicals present in shampoo, conditioner, and lotion or even in swimming pool water which may ruin your Tungsten ring or band.

So, it is better before jumping into the pool or before using any dishwasher or cleaning solution, to make it a habit to lay aside your precious Tungsten ring.

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