Coffin Vs Ballerina Nails: What Is The Difference

Coffin vs ballerina’s nails- women always get confused between these nail shapes. They often want to know which of these two suits them the best. What are the differences between the two? Well, they sometimes may look the same.

But, as an expert, I say that these two nail designs are quite different. Coffin nail shapes are quite sharper. On the other hand, the ballerina nail shape is curved on the side of the nail. So, the basic difference between them is in their look and matter of degrees. 

Now, for those who are thinking of doing any of these two designs, I am going to discuss the two in detail in the given points of this guide. The beauty and the gorgeousness of these two popular nail designs depend on the nail bed and fingers of a person. 

Coffin Nails

Coffin Nails

Coffin nails look more like stiletto nail shapes. Coffin nails are pointed and tend to be sharper. Coffin nail shapes have a squared-off edgeless end. On the other hand, the name itself suggests that these nail shapes look like a coffin. Coffin nail shapes are generally quite long. 

Ballerina Nails

Coffin VS Ballerina Nails

Most people, especially women like the ballerina nail shape the most. Kylie Jenner, the well-known American media personality uses this signature nail design. That is why her fans love to have this type of design the most. Ballerina’s nails have a square shape than a sharp or pointy tip. 

But, have you ever wondered why they are called ballerinas’ nails? It is because this nail design looks like the slippers of the ballerina. 

Difference Between Ballerina And Coffin Nails

Coffin VS Ballerina Nails

Surprisingly, both ballerina and coffin nail shapes look remarkably the same. Their feelings are also similar. But, as I have said earlier, there are certain differences between them. Ballerina’s nails are rounded. They do not have a pointy or shaper edge. This nail looks like Ballerina’s slippers.

On the other hand, coffin nails contain sharper edges. They almost look like a coffin. Apart from these features, coffin nails are quite longer than ballerina’s nails. When you put these two nail shapes together, they look quite different in their designs. 

How To Make Coffin Nails At Home

Coffin nails are quite harder to make at home. It needs professional care. Buy, if you don’t want to go to the salon, you have to do coffin nails at home very carefully. 

  • You need to cut the tip of your nail in a blunt straight shape. 
  • Now, you should imagine a straight line through the middle of the nail.
  • After that, assume diagonal marks on each side of your nail. They should go to the tip of the nail from the imaginary middle straight line. 
  • Cut those envisioned diagonal lines.  
  • Leave a flat edge.
  • You may get the help of a nail file to make your nails smooth once you are done. 

How To Do Ballerina Nails At Home?

Like coffin nail shapes, ballerina nails also need professional care. They should not be done easily at home. However, if you have no time to go to the salon, you need to do this type of nail shape at home very carefully. 

  • Start cutting your nails straight but make it a narrow tip gradually. 
  • If your nails are manicured, you should not try these nails. 
  • Otherwise, it will be quite hard to make the nails rounded. 
  • Once you have done with the edges, make the nail tips straight and flat edge. 

What To Wear Coffin Nails

Doodle Nails

If you want to try the coffin nail shape, you can do a doodle on your nails. As these nails are longer, doodles will look great on these nails. 

Sky Blue

If you use sky blue nail paint on your coffin nail shape, it will look gorgeous. This color adds freshness to your nails. But, you need to choose your outfits carefully with this design. 

Neon Green

If you love to wear bold colors on your nails, try neon blue on your coffin nails. Neon blue is a stand-out color and makes your nails glow. 

Picasso Nails

You can paint various images if you have coffin nails. They will look amazing as these nails are quite long. 

Short Coffin

Generally, coffin nails are longer than ballerina nails. But, if you want them shorter, you can do that too. Try different designs on your short coffin nails. 

What To Wear Ballerina Nails

Mini Ballerinas

This design is now quite trendy. Those who prefer shorter nails can try this.


This is a design inspired by a particular hairstyle. You can try different ombre designs on your ballerina nail shapes. 

Almost Bare

This is a design that makes your ballerina nails look natural. You can try different outfits with this nail design as well.

Ombre French

Ombre French has been in trend since the 2000s. Women love to try this design with their ballerina nails. 

Faded Peach

Try ballerina nails with faded peach. It will look amazing with various designer outfits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ballerina and coffin nails the same?

Well, no. Ballerina and coffin nails are two different types of nail shapes and designs. There are multiple differences between these two popular nail designs. But, if you are not an expert in this field, you may get confused between these two nails as both include sharp corners at the edge.

Also, both these two nail designs look like basic rectangular nails. However, the difference between these nail shapes is in the matter of look and degrees. Once you wear any of them, it will look distinct and feel entirely different. 

What is the most flattering nail shape?

There are multiple nail shapes available in the market. But, somehow, this kind of question seems kind of vague to me. Because it depends on the nail beds and fingers of a person. However, in my opinion, ballerina, and coffin nail shapes are two designs that are the most flattering among all.

Both ballerina and coffin nails help you to enlarge your natural nails. Your nails will look more gorgeous as well. However, these two nails need salon maintenance and are hard to maintain at home. 

Which nail shape looks best on chubby fingers?

Although both ballerina and coffin nails are the two most flattering nail designs, the coffin nail shape will look better on chubby fingers. Apart from the coffin nail, you can do oval, almond, and round nail shapes that look very well if you have chubby fingers.

When you do any of these nail shapes, your fingers will look longer. You can also hide the chubbiness of your fingers. 

What is the most natural-looking shape nail?

Both coffin and ballerina nail shapes are the most natural-looking nail shapes. But, you can do nail shapes like oval, round, squoval, almond, and more. They are also very natural-looking and make your nails look much longer than ever. However, the square and round nail shapes are the two healthiest nail designs. 

Final Thoughts

You always need to keep in mind that both coffin and ballerina nails should be maintained at the salon. These nails are quite lengthy. If you do not maintain these types of nail designs regularly, it might be quite challenging to do some chores of daily life. So, go ahead and make your fingers beautiful. All the best! 

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