Boys With Curly Hair- Do Girls Like Them?

Curly hair gives you both an attractive and different look. Generally, girls who have curly hair look beautiful. But, have you ever thought: Do girls like guys with curly hair? Well, yes, girls do like curly hair on men. However, curly hair is quite difficult to manage. But, research shows that girls really find guys with curly hair lovely, charming, and sometimes, alluring.

So, if you are a guy and have curly hair, you have a fair chance to be the most favorite person in a girls’ gang. But, why do girls like boys with curled hair? One simple reason for it is that curly hair on guys looks quite coarse and thick. However, this is not the only reason.

There is a number of reasons why girls like curly hairstyle on men. Below, I have listed 10 reasons behind it. I am sure after reading this article, you will also love to have thick curly hair. So, stay tuned! 

Do Girls Like Guys With Curly Hair? (10 Reasons Why They Do)

As I have already told you, girls do have a special attraction to men with curly hair.  Even I have seen that girls love to choose unique and different curly hairstyles for their husbands and boyfriends. Some of my friends have also told me that they love cute curly hair on guys. They even told me the reasons why they love guys with curly hair.  So, here I present 10 reasons why girls like curly hair on boys.

1. Unique Hair

Do Girls Like Guys With Curly Hair

It is quite obvious that curly hair is not at all common. Research shows that only 10% – 12% of people have curly hair in this entire world. And, as a matter of fact, girls do love unique things, isn’t it? On the other hand, as curly hair is not common in people, guys with curly hair are considered quite unique and rare.

A boy whose hair is curly looks quite different from the rest and girls really appreciate this feature. They, sometimes, do not fall in love with a guy who does not have any unique features. Curly hair helps a guy stand out in the crowd and a girl can grow interest in him. 

2. It is Soft And Feels Good

Do Girls Like Guys With Curly Hair

Another unique of curly hair is that it is quite softer than straight hair. The reason behind it is that curly hair is thicker than straight hair. That is why it can lock the moisture better. Air cannot pass through curly hair. As a result, curly hair stays more hydrated than straight hair. Therefore, long curly hair on men gives them a distinctive look.

And the best part is that multiple hairstyles can be applied to such hair. The psychology of girls allows them to appreciate a boy who has soft and condensed curly hair. Girls can feel really nice when they play with their boyfriend’s curled hair. Teasing curly hair can be fun for some girls as well. Also, if you are a guy with curly hair, your hairstylist can suggest some of the best haircuts for you. 

3. Natural Attraction To Curly Hair

Do Girls Like Guys With Curly Hair

You will be thrilled to know that girls have a natural attraction to thick curly hair in men. There are some girls who really like different curly hairstyles, especially boys. Now, I can’t explain the exact reason for girls’ natural attraction to curly hair in boys. One possible and simple reason behind this is that boys with curly hair look handsome and cute.

Or, maybe some girls have some happy memories of a boy’s curly hair. But, no matter what the reason is, girls always love boys who have thick curly hair. Now, there are some girls who might love long curly hair, and there are some who love short curly hair. Therefore, it is really good news who have curly hair. 

4. Can Seem Playful

Do Girls Like Guys With Curly Hair

There are some girls who think that guys with thick curly hair are playful. Actually, curly hair makes guys look young and boyish. So, that is really a unique feature of curly hair. You can’t deny that.

For example, kids have curly hair and they look very cute. So, curly hair is often associated with innocence and youth. Now, the fact is that a guy who has a youthful appearance seems playful to many girls.  Playful boys are energetic. Girls can have fun with them. 

5. Can Sometimes Demonstrate Creativity

Do Girls Like Guys With Curly Hair

Some girls may think that a boy with curly hair can be very creative. So, although curly hair is difficult to manage, creative people will know how to style their hair. Girls know how to appreciate creative thoughts. Therefore, they take extra care of a guy who knows how to stand out with his creative and curly hair. 

6. Makes Him Look Young Or Boyish

Do Girls Like Guys With Curly Hair

As I have told you earlier, curly hair is something that is associated with youth, livelihood, and energy. Again, being stereotyped is now out of fashion. Girls always have a special attraction to a guy who looks boyish and young. Another important fact is that boys with curly hair always look friendly.

They have a special gesture that many girls will love to appreciate. Guys with straight hair, compared to guys with curly hair sometimes look stern and more serious. Some girls might not appreciate that and do not approach them. On the other hand, a boy who looks friendly, young, and boyish is easier to approach. 

7. Expresses Confidence

Do Girls Like Guys With Curly Hair

Curly hair sometimes indicates confidence in guys. As it is not a common body feature, guys might find it something to be more confident about. Curly hair makes them stand out in the crowd. 

Now, you also can’t deny the fact that if you look young and boyish with your curly hair, you will look cute as well. And cute guys are always popular among girls. So, be a guy with curly hair and boost your confidence as much as you can. A person with curly hair can be creative, confident, and energetic and girls do love that. 

8. Can Suggest They Are Energetic

Do Girls Like Guys With Curly Hair

Guys with curly hair are often energetic. And you know very well that energy and youth always come together. Also, there is a fair chance that an energetic girl might love to have an equally energetic partner for her. Only an energetic guy can match the vibes of an energetic girl.

She will love to explore new places with her partner. So, a girl might think that a boy with curly hair can be quite adventurous. Therefore,  a curly-haired guy, who looks younger, energetic, and adventurous is a great choice for some girls.  

9. Suggests They Are Non-Conformist 

Some girls love to see curly hair in boys because it makes them think that the guy is a non-conformist. Sometimes, a guy who has thick and long curly hair does not care about the peer pressure of society. On the other hand, little do they care about the norms and standards of the society. They can decide how their hair should look and how they can style it.

Simply put, girls do love and appreciate these types of guys. Girls know that the guys who are non-conformists can be more unique and individualistic than others. Therefore, they value them and are attracted to them easily. 

10. They Also Have Curly Hair

Do Girls Like Guys With Curly Hair

If you ask me the most common reason for some girls liking cute curly-haired boys, it is just that they have curly hair as well. A girl who has curly hair can better understand the pros and cons of it. So, she can share her views with her partner. So, here, curly hair becomes a feature that bonds both the boy and the girl.  

More Top Reasons Why Girls Find Guys With Curly Hair Attractive

In the above section, I have discussed 10 common reasons for girls like guys with curly hair. But, those 10 reasons are not enough. Yes! You read it just right. There are more reasons for it as well. 

Below I have listed some more reasons why girls fall in love with a guy with curly hair. Take a look.

  1. Nowadays, curly hair becomes a celebrity trend. Many girls love those celebrities who have curly hair. Multiple guys are inspired by celebrities and love to have curly hair to impress girls.
  2. Curly hair is something that always looks both spontaneous and mysterious. That is a feature that many girls love to see in boys.
  3. Some girls find curly-haired guys cuddly. 
  4. Sometimes, girls may think that a guy with curly hair can be quite eccentric. Therefore, they often consider curly-haired guys intellectual.
  5. Curly hair looks voluptuous. Some girls can immediately fall in love with the volume of curly hair. 


Different people have different tastes. But, curly hair is something that always looks cute, especially in boys. Therefore, they are considered unique and well-groomed. That is why a wide number of girls like guys with curly hair. So, if you are a guy with curly hair, just be proud! 

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