Dydoe Piercing: All You Need To Know

One of the most popular piercing styles is Dydoe piercing. And the now-famous Dydoe piercing is now in trend because of social media posts. And if you want to know more specifically, a video on TikTok called The most painful piercing is Double Dydoe became viral and this video made Dydoe piercing famous among people. Dydoe piercing is basically piercing on male genitals.

Thus, getting a dydoe piercing on your body part takes a lot of courage. But one thing is undoubtedly true Dydoe piercing looks very smart, masculine, and unique in style. So if you want to know more about Dydoe piercing, here I shall try to clear all your doubts and answer all your questions through my article. So, should I start?

What Is The Dydoe Piercing?

Dydoe piercing is basically male genital piercing. In this style, a piercer creates a fistula going through the ridge of one’s glans. It starts from the lower edge of a man’s head of the penis and might continue till the middle of his glans. Here opens a second hole. And this makes dydoe piercing a double-point piercing.

Dydoe piercing can be suitable for double or even triple use. Sometimes, men want multiple dydoes around the head of their penises. This style has another name too – King’s Crown. Some men, who are very passionate about piercing, want to try deep dydoe. In deep dydoe, a jewel exits near the top of a penis and not from the middle of the glans. They call it Zephyr.

What Is The Double Dydoe Piercing?

If you ask for a double dydoe piercing, the piercer will have to create two fistulas that will be parallel with each other on the penis head. They will use two individual pieces of barbell jewelry too. It will look like a mushroom that is pierced by 2 sticks. There are many double dydoe piercing videos on YouTube. You can watch them for better knowledge on double-dydoe piercing below the belt.

Is A Dydoe Piercing Painful?

Unfortunately, yes! You must be aware that dydoe piercing is probably the most painful piercing style. It is actually very tough to bear the pain. Your penis glans have dense capillaries as well as nerves, and this makes the part of the body with the lowest threshold in a male body.

So I suggest you go for a dydoe piercing if you are bold and strong enough. Though there will be anesthetics to help you reduce your pain, think twice before getting a dydoe piercing. And you should consult a reputed piercer for having a dydoe piercing.

Is A Dydoe Suitable For Me?

Deciding if you are fit for having a dydoe piercing depends on several different things. Firstly, this type of piercing is very closely connected to the anatomy of your penis. The result is directly affected by the thickness, length, and diameter of your glans. Secondly, to have a dydoe piercing, you must have a proper coronal ridge.

And this is why you yourself will not be able to decide whether dydoe piercing is suitable for you or not. To know this, you must have to consult a professional and reputed piercer. Dydoe piercing might not be good for uncircumcised people. The moist mucosa right under the foreskin can increase the chances of rejection as well as migration.

And before you think about having a dydoe piercing, take a look at your lifestyle. The genital part of your body is surely the most private part of your body. And due to this, you can be free from worrying about what people will think when they will see it unless you are a Don Juan kind of person. And lastly, if you can bear the utmost pain, only then you should go for a dydoe piercing.

Which Piercing Jewelry Can Be Used For A Dydoe?

Dydoe Piercing

Body modification artists generally go for a straight barbell as the jewelry when it comes to the dydoe piercing. This flat barbell often is 12 gauge thick. But the thickness of the barbell may vary from man to man. The size and length of the ball will depend on the size of your penis.

Apart from a straight barbell, you can use a curved barbell too. There are banana bars that you can use as piercing jewelry for a dydoe piercing. But ring-style jewelry is not recommended to use in a dydoe piercing as it increases the chances of rejection.

1. Aftercare Process For A Dydoe Piercing

One thing you can be sure that a dydoe piercing will heal relatively fast. It is possible because the glans area has many capillaries. Still, it can take from 4 to 6 months to completely recover from a dydoe piercing. And that too will happen if you apply a proper aftercare regime for the first 2 weeks. So listen to your piercer very carefully and follow each and everything he says to you about the aftercare of a dydoe piercing.

You should clean your piercing using a sterile solution each day. Do not try to wear extra-tight underwear for a couple of months until you recover completely from the piercing. And you must avoid unprotected intercourses until the area is fully healed. You might change the jewelry after a while, but remember that the fistula must not be without any jewelry for too much time. If it happens, then the hole will close quickly.

2. Advantages Of Dydoe Piercing

People claim that dydoe piercing increases feeling and stimulation during sexual intercourse. It is possible because the jewelry can create extra pressure on your glans. People also think that it reverses the loss of your sensation in the penis head after circumcision.

Apart from the males, a dydoe piercing can give better stimulation for the female partner during sexual intercourse. If you have a dydoe in the middle, it will increase the pleasure when it will contact the g-spot while having sexual intercourse. 

3. Disadvantages Of Dydoe Piercing

Dydoe piercing has a higher chance of migration and rejection. Though you can reduce it by wearing proper jewelry, you must take the utmost care of your genital area after getting a dydoe piercing. You will not be able to have sex without protection for a long period of time if you have a dydoe piercing.

But piercers will recommend avoiding sexual contact for a certain period of time. Dydoe can cause infection in uncircumcised persons. It will give you an uncomfortable feeling too for a longer period of time.

Final Thoughts

So this is all about dydoe piercing and how you should go for a dydoe piercing. Remember that it is very painful, and you have to take extra care after getting a dydoe piercing. All the best!

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