How Much Does A Perm Cost?- For Both Boys And Girls

A perm is a hair treatment using chemicals. It builds style support into hair and changes the texture of hair. You will be able to get loose and curly hair waves when you do a perm. So, now, if you are thinking of doing a perm, you should know: how much does a perm cost? Simply put, you will have to bear from $50 to $250 if you are going to do a perm on your hair. However, the average cost of a perm should be around $90. 

There are multiple methods by which you can try a perm. So, the cost can vary depending on the methods. Also, the cost of a perm depends on the thickness and the length of your hair, the stylish and the salon, the type of perm you select, and others. 

So, a perm is a hairstyle that gives you stunning curls and a gorgeous look. Therefore, before doing a perm for the first time, you should have the proper knowledge of it. Today, in this article, I am going to give you a guide to this hairstyle. So, stay tuned. 

Do Different Methods Cost Different Amounts?

How Much Does A Perm Cost

You can have two different methods of perming. First is ceramic or cold and second is digital or hot. These two processes are totally different. Therefore, these two processes do have different costs. 

  • Ceramic Perm

Ceramic or cold perms are cheaper and less time-consuming than hot perms. If you are thinking of doing a ceramic or cold perm, your hair will be wrapped around rods or rollers. After that, the hair stylist will apply an alkaline perm solution to your hair. 

Now, you need to remember that the rollers can be of different sizes. If the thicker rollers are used, you will get looser curls. In case thinner rods are used, your hair will get tighter curls. 

After that, to set the curls, a neutralizer, such as hydrogen peroxide is applied. A neutralizer will re-collaborate and re-bond the pH level of your hair. You can maintain ceramic perms easily. It will cost you less money. 

  • Digital Perm

When it comes to digital or hot perms, the same process is applied in this method. However, this process includes an additional step. Here, your straight hair will be wrapped around rods. Thus, your hair will be heated. After that, your hair stylist will apply a perm solution. This will break the disulfide bonds in the hair. Thus, activate the perm. 

However, a digital perm will cost you more money than a ceramic perm. But, a digital perm gives you a more glossy and natural look. Also, your hair will be more curly than ever.  You will have to take care of your hair a bit more after doing a hot or digital perm.  

What Do Different Styles of Perms Cost?

How Much Does A Perm Cost

You can have multiple styles of perms. Every perm has its unique features and gives you a different look. Also, each pern will cost you different amounts of money. However, the cost will also vary depending on your hair type. So, before doing a perm, always consult a dermatologist and an expert hairstylist. 

  • Spiral Perm

If you are thinking of doing a spiral perm, it will cost you from $80 to $200. A spiral perm will give you traditional and corkscrew curls. Also, your hair wöill look tighter. Your hair will be wrapped vertically around the perm roller in this process. 

  • Body Wave Perm

It is a good idea to do a Body Wave perm. It will cost you around $60 to $800. Your hairstylist will use a thicker perm rod to give your hair a wavy and looser curl.  It will add a great texture and volume to your hair as well. 

  • Multi-Textured Perm

A multi-textured perm is the same as a Body Wave perm. However, different types of rods or rollers are used in this perming process. A multi-textured perm will give more dimensions to your hair. Your hair will look glossy, wavy, and natural. You will need to bear at least $40- $300 for doing a multi-textured perm. 

  • Spot Perm

Both hot and cold perming processes can be used in a Spot perm. This perming process will be used to curl particular areas of your hair, such as ends or roots. You will have to spend $30 to $95 for doing a Spot perm. 

  • Stacked Perm

This process is applied to your hair to make wavy layers. Your hairstylist will use different types of rollers on your hair. He will start from the middle of your hair and stop down to the end. For doing a stacked perm, you have to spend $40 to $200.

  • Root Perm

As the name suggests, a root perm will curl your hair closest to the scalp area. The rest of the hair will remain straight and natural. A root perm will add more volume to your hair. But a root perm will not stay for a long time because your hair grows. This perming process is cheaper and you will have to bear around $35 to $85. 

  • Straight Perm

A straight perm is quite simple as it sounds. In this process, your hairstylist will simply straighten your naturally curly hair. A straight perm will cost you around $100 to $250. In a straight perm, the hairstylist will apply a straightening solution to your hair. It will break the cystine bond of your hair. After that, your hair will be left with a heater. Finally, your hairstylist will wash and dry your hair. 

How Much Does It Cost To Take Care of a Perm?

Many people wonder about how they can take care of their hair after doing a perm. So, simply put, if you leave your hair alone without using chemical products, chlorine, or heat, that is the best way to take care of your hair after a perm. 

However, you will have to continue to use the right products for your hair. Though you will have to bear a lot of money, the products will help your perm last longer. 

Make sure that you do fewer perms so that you can protect your hair from being damaged. Perms can make your hair dry. Therefore, make sure that you use moisturizing products daily. The products will make your curls happy and healthy. For example, you can use dry oils and nourishing sprays. 

On the other hand, deep conditioners and reparative hair masks are quite useful to restore the moisture of your hair. You may also opt for some leave-in conditioners to make the perm stay longer. If you try to use dry oil, it will cost you around $50. And if you are thinking of using a leave-in conditioning hair cream, you will have to spend at least $28 to $30 for an 8.4oz container.  

Now, to make your perm last for a long time, you should ignore using some things. You should avoid using products that contain silicone, paraben, and alcohol. These ingredients can easily break the structure and bond of the perm. 

How Much Does It Cost To Perm Your Hair At Home?

How Much Does A Perm Cost

Doing the perm at home is the safest thing that one can ever opt for. The best part of this process is that it will keep your spending down. Now, to do a perm at home, you can opt for purchasing a Home Perm Kit. it will cost you around $8 to $35. Here are some of the most popular home perm kits for you. 

  1. Ogilvie Salon Styles Home Perm
  2. Zotos Texture EFX Color Perm
  3. Zotos Feels So Lively- Exothermic Alkaline Perm
  4. Quantum Classic Extra Body Acid Perm

Note: Make sure that you have the right knowledge of perming your hair at home. You should know all the ins and outs of the product that you are going to use. You should also know which product is best for you. You can have both alkaline and acid perm kits for doing perms at home. But, you must know which product is best for your hair. 

Does The Length Of Time Spend At The Salon Effect The Cost Of A Perm?

As I have stated in the earlier section of this article, hot perms are more time-consuming than cold or ceramic perms. They are more involved as well. And yes, the effort and time for both the perms affect the costs. 

The time for a perm can take at least five hours. But, it can vary depending on the length of your hair and what type of perm you are choosing. If your hair is longer, your hairstylist will take more time to finish the process properly. For people who have shorter hair, a hairstylist can finish the process within 5 to 8 hours.  

Does The Length Of Hair Affect The Cost?

Yes! Of course. The length of the hair does affect the cost of a perming process. The longer your hair is, the perming cost will increase, and the shorter your hair is, the cost of perming will decrease. If your hair is short, you will have to spend at least $30 to $80. In case your hair length is medium, it will cost you at least $50 to $150. Long hair perms will cost you at least $80 to $200. 

So, if you want to save money, you can opt for doing a spot or partial perming. A spot or partial perming can cost you from $30 to $90. A spot or partial perming can be a great experiment for you. You can understand what a perm looks like and if you should do it in the future or not. 

How Much Are Men’s Perms?

Men’s hair is generally shorter than women’s. So, obviously, it will cost less. So, men’s perm can range from $ 40 to $200. It will cost $70 to $90 on average. But, once again, I will say that the cost can vary depending on the length of the hair and what type of perm you opt for. 

How Does Perm Damage Add To The Total Cost?

You can’t deny the fact that perming damages your hair. It can dry your hair. If you do perm on a regular basis, it will damage your hair badly. You may suffer from extreme hair fall. However, perming technology has become advanced nowadays. Therefore, it is best to talk to your hairstylist first. 

Final Thoughts

Perming is quite popular nowadays. After all, everyone deserves to have good looks and gorgeous hair. Perming will do that for you. So, choose the best perming for your hair. All the best! Enjoy your salon sessions!

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