Easy Steps To Unscrew A Tight Picering Ball Without Gloves?

Piercing is a fantastic way to look beautiful along with body jewelry. Now, sometimes the piercing balls get stuck and you cannot remove them. So, do you want to know how to unscrew a tight piercing ball without gloves? I have been stuck in such a situation once.

So, I think it would have been better if I share the tricks to help you unscrew a tight piercing ball without using gloves. 

  • First, always know about your body jewelry very well before you wear them. 
  • Piercing balls are tight from the right side and loose from the left side. So, you need to twist it according to that. 
  • Use traction to unscrew a tight piercing ball.
  • Get the help of your Wingman.
  • Get the help of professionals. 

You should keep in mind that unscrewing a tight piercing ball is a challenging task. If you do not do it in the proper ways, you can end up harming yourself. So, you and your professional must be very careful during the unscrewing process. 

Dont worry! You are not the only one who is suffering from this. Several people have to deal with this. So, you just need to keep reading this guide to know how to unscrew a tight piercing ball without gloves. 

Easy 5 Ways To Unscrew Tight Piercing Balls

Always Know About Your Body Jewelry Very Well Before You Wear Them

You have to know a few things regarding body jewelry before you start because it is important to know why removing body jewelry is so tough. 

Many piercers will tighten the balls intentionally so that it does not get loosened before healing appropriately. And this is necessary because you never will want your body jewelry to come out before proper healing. If it comes out before the appropriate healing, the hole could close very quickly. And if it happens, you will have to pierce your body again.

The next thing that you need to know is, what kind of body jewelry you are wearing. Barbell is the most common body jewelry in the world. There are barbells of several sizes available to wear.

Right Is Tight, Left Is Loose

Now as you know about your body jewelry, now you have to know how you are wearing this jewelry. There is a golden rule to wearing this. The right side is always tight, and the left side is always loose.

Seems very easy, huh? But it can be tough at times. If you are using a mirror, then it is very common to confuse in deciding the proper right and left side, as the mirror will show you the exact opposite direction. So you have to be very careful and decide very calmly which side is right, and which side is left.

Use Traction To Unscrew A Tight Piercing Ball

Be careful while handling the barbells. Both the balls and the bars are very smooth. Those are made of metals, and metals always tend to buff. This makes a metal very slippery. And if there is a very small amount of moisture on it, even a drop of your body sweat, it will become very hard to handle. So you need to have a really good grip if you want to unscrew it, and for that, you need traction.

Get The Help Of Your Wingman

Always keep your wingman by your side. If you are removing body jewelry that is pierced in your ear, then it could be hard to remove as you will never be able to look at the behind of your ear. And your action might look like a dog chasing its tail. 

So it is always a better idea to get a wingman who can help you in this hard job.

Get The Help Of Professionals

If you think it is not your job, or even if you and your wingman both fail to remove the jewelry, never be afraid to ask a professional for help. They are professional for many reasons. They know many techniques and they have many tools that can help you to remove the jewelry from your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you unscrew a tight piercing ball?

In case the piercing ball is tightened and gets stuck, several ways can help you to unscrew it. Here are the ways to unscrew a tight piercing ball.

  • You may get the help of latex or rubber gloves to have enough grip on the piercing ball.
  • Unscrew the piercing ball by twisting it in the right way. Turn it to the left side so that you can loosen it. 
  • You can request a friend to help you out.
  • You may get the help of the Piercing Pliers. 
  • Get the help of a professional.
  • Always know about your body jewelry very well before you wear them.

2. How do you unscrew a piercing ball that won’t unscrew?

Unscrewing a tight piercing ball is a challenging task. Here are the ways that you can use to unscrew a tight piercing ball. 

  • Wear rubber or latex gloves to have the proper grip. 
  • Twist the piercing ball to the left to make it lose.
  • You can ask a professional to unscrew the piercing.
  • Use piercing pliers very carefully to unscrew the ball. 
  • Use traction to unscrew the piercing. 

3. How do you unscrew a piercing at home?

If you want to unscrew a piercing at home, you will need to do the following.

  • If you want to remove the push-pin studs, you will need to have a firm grip on both ends of the piercing. Now, twist it. After that, pull out the top portion. 
  • If you want to remove screw-in studs, hold them firmly and twist the top to the left. 
  • To unscrew your seamless rings, you will have to search for the closure point. After that, press the hinged portion. 
  • If you wish to unscrew the fixed bead rings, hold each side of the ring and twist the fingers in the opposite direction. 

Final Thoughts

So now I think that you know exactly how you can remove a tight piercing ball. I hope this write-up of mine will be able to help you out. All the best!

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