What Is A Jacob’s Ladder Piercing?

Apparently, a unique genital piercing for males, Jacob’s ladder is the name associated with a type of frenum piercing manifesting as a ‘ladder’. It includes more than one piercing at a particular region on the penis in a way that they look like a ladder. Jacob’s ladder doesn’t pierce through the urethra, unlike Prince Albert’s piercing. 

Though getting anything merely sharp even touching them down there makes men startle, there are several out there getting their penis pierced not once, but multiple times at multiple places. Sounds crazy, right? But it is a real thing and people are getting it done for fun, experience, or whatever personal reasons. Let’s learn more about this trend here. 

What Is Jacob’s Ladder Piercing?

A Jacob’s ladder piercing is an assortment of frenum piercings, each frenum being a bar of the ladder. Therefore, the first thing we’ll talk about is how many piercings you want. Certain individuals like to begin with one to consider going all in, while others will sit for the most that they would be able. The ladder-like appearance is created by a series of piercings that run up the shaft’s underside.

The skin is essentially pierced through a ‘squeezable’ region of the penis. It doesn’t get inside the shaft but works its way up through the tissues surrounding the shaft. 

If you’re wondering who’s eligible for this kind of piercing, we have good news for both circumcised and uncircumcised men. Though getting piercings and tattoos are entirely based on the personal choice of the individual, medically and ethically speaking, getting a piercing at the penis can be a little tricky.

It should ensure there is no harm posed to the person in question and the partner of the person for obvious reasons. 

How Much Does A Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Cost?

The cost of one rung of piercing can cost about $100 for a sitting. With genital piercings, the artist has to be extremely careful because of the sensitive skin, tissues and kind of risks involved in the act. This is why you can expect genital piercings to be more expensive than any other kind of body piercing. 

The cost of this one is also dependent on the number of rungs one gets to build a ladder. Some artists do tend to give a discount on subsequent piercings of the ladder. Deciding on the number of rungs should be decided to keep in mind the amount of pain and time of healing.

Piercing Procedure And Pain

The procedure typically begins with the individual deciding the number of piercings he wants to get for the ladder. Then the artist examines the anatomy of the organ to understand that there’s enough room for piercing there. The next step is to pick the jewellery you like.

The piercing artists usually pick up a 10-12 gauge titanium barbell which is a little longer so it can accommodate the swelling thereafter. Once the jewellery is picked it’s time to introduce the person to the actual physical process. 

The artist has the person comfortably sit on the recliner with their genitals uncovered. The first step is to clean up the area with a surgical scrub. Now the markings are made with the help of gentian violet and a disposable toothpick. Once the final markings are made, the area is pierced. 

Talking of pain, the penis is among the most sensitive body parts and is bound to hurt a lot if it is pierced. People do report that the first rung typically hurts less than the others. And we do get it because it is just the adrenaline covering up for the intense pain for the very first time.

Overall, however, the majority of men experience a mere “tugging,” or a pain rating of 3/10, for their first piercing, and a “pinch,” or a pain rating of 6/10, for any subsequent ones.

Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Pros And Cons

Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Pros And Cons

Here are some pros and cons that you might want to know before getting into action. 

  • It can add up to the sensitivity of the shaft region. 
  • Your partner might feel added sensitivity similar to an extremely ribbed condom
  • Well,  it looks unique
  • The jewellery can make protected sex difficult as it might tear the condom off. 
  • The jewellery tends to migrate. 
  • You will have to abstain from having sex for a few weeks because of the healing process. 

Healing Jacob’s Ladder Piercing

Jacob’s; adder piercing might take as long as 2-3 months to heal which is a lot lesser than other genital piercings. There can be soreness, swelling and sometimes, a risk of infection down there which can delay the healing process naturally.

It is advised to avoid indulging in sex during the healing process. You need to monitor the piercing during the period for it shall not migrate. Migration can cause some trouble and it is advisable to report at the initial sight of migration only. 

Things To Know Before Doing Jacob’s Ladder Piercing

Getting pierced at an organ as sensitive as a penis can be a little risky. Hence, we suggest you take care of a few things before hopping onto the recliner. 

  • Choose a studio that is hygienic. 
  • The employees should be up to date on blood-borne pathogens and CPR training.
  • A sterilisation machine for the jewellery is a must
  • The antiseptic technique of the piercer should be apt. 
  • The type of jewellery material the studio carries.
  • The piercer should be well-versed in the anatomy examination process and should be able to give you advice that works best according to your lifestyle. 

Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Jewellery

For Jacob’s ladder piercing, titanium jewellery is preferred. The jewellery is in the shape of a barbell with a longer bar so that it can accommodate the swelling skin in the healing process. 

Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Kit

A Jacob’s piercing kit contains the following:

  • Sterilizing a pair of gloves
  • Towel drapes for sterilization
  • Triple bevel piercing needle
  • Barbell 10, 12 gauge
  • Gauge pad
  • Sterilizing cotton swabs
  • Skin sharp marker
  • Gentian violet( antiseptic dye)
  • Ruler
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Forceps


Q1. What does having a Jacob’s ladder piercing mean?

Ans. Jacob’s ladder piercing is a set of frenum piercing done on the male genitals. It is a form of frenum piercing appearing like a ladder. It is typically done for the purpose of sexual pleasure both for the partner and the owner. 

Q2. Does getting Jacob’s ladder hurt?

Ans. Yes, it does hurt to get Jacob’s ladder pierced. However, men usually report that it does not hurt as much as other genital piercings. 

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