Kings Crown Piercings: A Guide to Understanding

Call it Kings Crown Piercing or Dydoe piercing, a rare type of male genital piercing that goes through the head of the penis, called the glans penis. It is usually taken up by daring dauntless beings who do not fear a needle not just touching but piercing through their most sensitive body part. 

What is a king’s crown piercing?

It is a form of a dangerous act wherein a male individual gets his penis pierced right at the head of it. It is characterized by the piercer creating a fistula through the ridge of the glans penis, that is the head of the penis.  This male genital piercing is usually done by hand with piercing instruments like piercing needles.

Hence, it is for courageous men who understand what they need. Yes, a dydoe has a very cool, one-of-a-kind, and masculine appearance. In this post, we will attempt to address all of your inquiries regarding dydoe piercing.

The piercing is usually decorated with either a curved barbell or a ring. The piercing is called so because of the appearance it makes when multiple dydoe piercings are made on the top of the penis.

This one is not a single-point piercing like other dermal piercings. A dydoe typically begins at the lower edge of the glans penis and makes its way through the middle where comes the second hole. 

This piercing is mainly popular for a few reasons:

  • Increases stimulation during intercourse for both the owner and the partner. 
  • The loss of sensation on the head of the penis that occurs due to the procedure of circumcision can be reversed with the help of this piercing. 

However, the king’s crown is also criticized for the following reasons:

  • It is highly correlated with the chances of migration in the piercing. Dydoe is especially known for the chances of rejection that it imposes on the owner.  For this reason, not all piercers are comfortable doing a dydoe. 
  • The healing period can take longer than other piercings. 
  • Sexual activity is hindered for quite some time. 
  • Men who do not have their penis circumcised can have a difficult time maintaining this piercing for it can cause infection and also causes discomfort sometimes. 

Dydoe piercing pain level

King Crown Piercing

By far, this one is referred to as the most painful genital piercing by most men. Well, certainly, genital piercings are a matter of pain and discomfort, but some people are crazy enough about it to go to extended limits and leave no stone unturned even if it costs a few months of pain. 

Getting more than one can definitely cost you a few screams and painful days. The first piercing is usually compensated by the adrenaline that fights the pain. But,t eh subsequent piercings can remind you of the real pain. Still, people do not step back and get their dydoes done. 

There is no need to flee from a dydoe if you are brave and strong enough. During the piercing process, you will undoubtedly experience less pain if you use certain anesthetics. Additionally, for a more comfortable procedure, you can consult a skilled piercer.

How to heal a dydoe piercing?

King Crown Piercing

Healign a king’s crown or dydoe is relatively easier and quicker. Since there are so many blood capillaries in the region of the glans penis, it makes it easier in the healing process. In any case, the healing of this one can take as good as 4-6 months, being subjective for everyone. 

It is important that the instructions of the piercer are carefully followed and good care is taken of the piercing. There can be migration of the piercing and it might develop an infection. You do not want to have any sort of scares right at the head of your penis, do you?

Touching frequently shall be avoided. Clothing shall not pressurize the area. It is advisable to avoid engaging in sexual activities during the healing process so that chances of migration are decreased. Every day, clean your piercing with a sterile solution for your benefit. 

After some time, you can change your jewelry. However, you shouldn’t be without jewelry for too long due to your fistula. due to the likelihood of the hole closing quickly.

Dydoe rejection chances

Dydoe rejection chances

Rejection or migration is pretty common in this type of piercing. It may not be a good choice for uncircumcised men. The samp mucosa under the glans’ foreskin is only going to make it difficult for the piercing to stay intact. 

The rejection of this piercing is not something to turn a deaf ear to. It can lead to serious health conditions like scarring or if it prevails, it can turn to serious nerve damage. Thus, taking good care of the piercing is highly recommended. Also, if you see any minor signs of rejection or migration in the piercing, you should see your piercer immediately and consult a doctor, if required.

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