Which Is The Sweet Spot Of Correct Septum Piercing Placement?

Did you know, When getting a piercing, it is the primary responsibility of the piercer to make sure that the piercing channel runs through your sweet spot? Sounds Intriguing, isn’t it?

Well, I heard about it, and I was amazed to know It is your piercer who will be in charge of placing the piercing properly right through the sweet spot. However, before beginning, you must know that all noses are built differently. So, the piercer should take extra care in making sure that the septum piercing is not penetrating the cartilage. The channel must go through the softer tissue below the septum, which the piercers often call the ‘sweet spot’. 

But, there is a lot to know about it. Keep reading to gain some information about do’s and don’ts for getting a piercing done, because, t is just a matter of time before you will be all ready to rock your new look! 

Where Is The Sweet Spot In Your Nose

As we mentioned earlier, all noses are different. Some people do not even have sweet spots on their noses. Now, the septum is actually a thin wall of cartilage which runs down the centre of your nose to separate your right and left nostrils. The thin strip of fleshy tissue situated right in front of the cartilage and below the septum is called the columella. These bits of fleshy tissues are referred to as the sweet spots by piercers these days. 

To elaborate on this, if you pinch your septum, you will feel a thin area of skin between your hard cartilage and the tip of the septum, that area is termed the sweet spot. A piercer runs his piercing channel right through this sweet spot in such a way that it is not penetrating the cartilage. 

What Happens If You Pierce Your Septum In The Wrong Spot?

Sweet Spot Of Correct Septum Piercing Placement

Incorrect placement of the septum piercing can be painful and uncomfortable. Here’s what can happen if your piercing is in the wrong spot. 

  • If the piercing is placed in the wrong spot, then a condition called septal hematoma can develop. The piercing starts damaging blood vessels and the tissue lining the cartilage for being placed in the wrong spot.
  • It can cause blood to collect between the cartilage and the blood vessels. This, in further, can cause pain, swelling, pressure, and congestion.
  • Incorrectly placed septum piercing can also cause blood capillaries to break and result in uncomfortable fluid and blood build-up. 
  • If you feel any excessive pain or pressure around your septum, then consult the doctor immediately.  

If you are sure that your piercing is at the wrong spot, then it’s better to remove the piercing, heal the spot and then try again in the future under the hands of a professional and experienced piercer. 

Does Everyone Have A Septum Sweet Spot?

Sweet Spot Of Correct Septum Piercing Placement

Most people do have a septum sweet but not everyone. All noses are different and some noses lack the columella which is the thin strip of fleshy tissues often termed the sweet spot by the piercers. So before beginning the process of piercing, the piercer should first find the sweet spot and seek your consent with the placement and height of the septum piercing. 

The Correct Way To Do Septum Piercing

Even though septum piercings are mostly similar to other piercings, the only difference lies in the procedure adopted to carry out this piercing. First, the piercer will find the specific area to be pierced and ask if you are comfortable with the height. 

Once he gets your approval, he will begin to clean that area and then will perform it using a small piece of a clamp to hold upon the septum. Since everyone has a unique anatomy, everyone’s placement will be different. Now when it comes to the main event of piercing your septum, you should start practising controlled breathing.  The clamp will be passed through the cannula which is a hollow needed attached to the tube. It will be passed through the area of your nose before inserting any sort of jewellery through this new hole. Breathe in and out very slowly, the piercing pressure is very quick and before you know it will be done! 

Now after the piercing is done, make sure you wear high-quality jewellery in order to prevent any swelling and infections. 


Q1. How do I make sure my septum piercing is right?

Ans. You need to put your jewellery at the end of the needle and thread it through the hole you created. Now pull the needle out and secure your jewellery. If the jewellery has balls at the end, then you need to screw those on. Now you know that you have successfully pierced your septum. 

Q2. Is it possible to not have a sweet spot septum?

Ans. The presence of the sweet spot differs from person to person. Every person has a unique anatomy and so everyone’s septum placement will be different. Some noses have very few thin spots that are extremely tiny while some other people have a wide area to perform the placement. There are also people with broken noses and deviated septums. Your piercer will communicate the necessary procedure to be followed before beginning the piercing. 

Q3. How do you know if your septum is in the wrong place?

Ans. If you feel uncontrollable pain with bleeding and uncomfortable fluid after the piercing has been done, then you should know that your piercing is in the wrong place. You should contact your doctor immediately. 

Q4. Do septum piercings get infected easily?

Ans. Septum piercing is one of the most serious piercings and you should take utmost care of your nose after the piercing has been done. Use saline solutions to clean the area from time to time to prevent any infections and swelling. Wearing low-quality jewellery can also increase the chances of developing infections around your septum. 

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