Impressive Quotes What To Say When Giving A Promise Ring

So you are planning to tie a knot with the person whom you love? The holy lovelock is something people often have fantasies about. All of us want to make memorable each and every single moment we spend with our loved ones.

And there is no other way to make your boyfriend or girlfriend special than giving a promise ring in the early days of your relationship.

We often worry about what to say when giving a promise ring. We spend sleepless nights making such lines that our beloved ones will cherish till the last days of life.

We want to say something that has never been spoken, which will make our special ones feel like the most special person in the world.

We want when we give the promise ring, the person feels the love and affection we have in our eyes for them.

No matter what will be the situation, we are going to take care of them, never going to leave their hands even in the toughest situations.

That is why you should say something that will make the person feel that you are the only one who is made him or her, and nothing could be better than spending the whole life with you.

Love is something that is very easy to feel about, but very hard to express in proper words. Every single person loves someone in his or her own way, and that is why the expression of love becomes different in everyone’s life.

But still, we can sum up some extraordinary quotes that we can say when we give a promise ring to someone whom we love the most.

I am going to give you some ideas about what to say when giving a promise ring in the form of quotes so that your job of finding words to express your love will become easier.

So, let’s start!

How To Make The Best Promise Ring Quotes

what to say when giving a promise ring

There are many books and articles on Promise Ring quotes available in the market. But only you know what you feel for your special person. No one could feel that affection like you.

So it is not possible for others to feel your love and write appropriate quotes for you.

What I am going to do is give you some quotes so that you can have an idea about what will be the best words to express a particular emotion.

For example, if you say I am never gonna leave you, it says how much you love your girlfriend, but if you say I will love you till the last breath of mine, and even after, it shows the affection or the feeling you have for her.

So this is why how you make the lines and how you choose the words to show your affection make a big factor in what to say when giving a promise ring.

Now let us come to that part where I am going to say the rules you have to keep in mind while making your best promise ring quotes as well as I am going to give you the world-famous promise quotes for you and your girlfriend or boyfriend.

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Rule No 1

Do not make your quotes lengthy. You must keep in mind that lengthier lines increase the chances of your loved ones being bored. You must know when to stop so that your special person can relish the magic of your words.

So be short, and be affectionate. Show how much you care for him or her and how you are going to love him or her throughout your whole life.

Rule No 2

Poems are something that has always been effective in expressing love. Poems have magic in themselves, in every word of them. And the feeling of love always finds the magic lies in poems.

So try to use poems while expressing your love at the time of giving the promise ring.

Rule No 3

Never fall for exciting words or amazing quotes. Always try to speak from your heart. Say what you exactly feel for your loved one.

We always think amazing quotes can express our love much better, and this is the point where we fall into the trap. No one can express our feelings better than ourselves.

So do not go for the amazing lines you found on the internet and speak out of your heart. Believe me, this is what your loved one wants to hear from you.

Rule No 4

Do not just give the ring and speak something. The objective of giving the promise ring was never just a ritual of love.

This is made to express how much you feel for your special person, to express how important she or he is in your life, to make a promise that you are never going to break, to make a promise of spending the whole life together, to face all the ups and downs of life together, and to grow old together.

So make the moment memorable for both of you, so that after years, when you two are old enough, when all the hairs of yours have turned gray, when the eyesight of yours have started becoming hazy, even in those days the colors of the memory of giving the promise ring remain brighter.

Make the day so special that it becomes not only a memory to cherish, but a story to tell.

The Best Promise Quotes Ever

Now I am going to give you some world-famous promise ring quotes so that you can understand how to express your love with words.

what to say when giving a promise ring

“Wise men say, only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you. shall I stay? Would it be a sin? If I can’t help falling in love with you”

“I am going to love you every day, every minute, every second of my life. I want to experience the art of life with you, I want to grow with you, I’ll love you till the last breath of mine, and I’ll love you even after”

“I see you when I close my eyes. I want to see you when I open my eyes. I fear losing you, and this fear only makes me love you more”

“I love you like the bird loves the blue sky. I love you like the night loves the stars. I love you like the dawn loves the sunrise. And I love you like the life likes the breath”

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What Does A Promise Ring Look Like

There are promise rings that do not have any special design. But there are promise rings that look just like wedding rings. Promise rings usually are made of gold or silver with a topping of a Sapphire, a Nile, or even a Diamond.

How Much Does A Promise Ring Cost

what to say when giving a promise ring

It depends on the design and the material of the ring. But it can cost anywhere from $199 to $2,000.

Is A Promise Ring An Engagement Ring

No. the promise ring is the symbol of commitment that you want to make to the person you love. And the engagement ring is the symbol of being engaged with the person whom you are going to marry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to say when giving the rings?

You can say anything, but it should have the magic of expressing your love for your special person. You can say a poem, a famous line, or make your own line.

2. How do you properly give a promise ring?

You must put the ring on the ring finger of your beloved one. If she is unmarried, put it on her left ring finger, and if she is married, put it on her right ring finger.

3. Do you kneel when giving a promise ring?

I would like to suggest you should not kneel while giving a promise ring to your loved one. It can mislead him or her that you are proposing marriage.

4. How long should you date someone before giving them a promise ring?

Usually, promise rings are given at the early stages of a relationship. The ideal time to give a promise ring is within the first 3-12 months of the relationship.

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