When Can I Change My Septum Ring Expert Advice

Septum piercing takes more time than usual ear piercings to heal so the initial septum ring should be kept for at least 2-3 months before changing the jewellery.

It is 2023 and there’s all the more inclusivity and transitions in the fashion industry. Septum piercings and septum rings are not restricted to some tribal populations these days. Gen-Z has noted this practice pretty well and nose piercings are back with an addition of the septum piercing trend. 

How Long Does a Septum Piercing Take to Heal?

When you get your septum pierced, you ought to be careful with quite a few things more than when you got your ears pierced. Though each person’s healing time will vary; for some, recovery will be complete within two to three months.

Others may have to wait up to eight months. You need to take good care of your piercing before it heals to avoid discomfort. A septum piercing’s healing time is not set in stone.

According to Healthline, it might take two to three months for some, while it might take six to eight months for others.

Recovery typically takes 4-6 months. It’s possible that your septum piercing feels healed after a few weeks of healing.  Your piercing will feel “significantly better” after approximately eight weeks. However, they claim that the majority of healing will occur within 4-6 months.

A septum piercing can cause damage to the skin or mucosal surfaces and can take a year to heal. They advise against altering the septum piercing prior to that time. In a few months, your septum piercing will be healed and ready for new jewelry if you take excellent care of it.

How Do I Change Out a Septum Piercing?

Now that your piercing has healed, you are prepared to alter your jewelry. You can have it done by yourself at home or by going to a piercer. To ensure your safety, Fenton advises going to the piercer for the initial changeover. 

However, if you want to carry it out at home, you can:

  • Get your hands clean.
  • Find the loop’s opening, hold both sides, and then twist them away from one another to remove the jewelry. It can be compared to taking a key from a keychain.
  • Put in brand-new jewelry made of materials suitable for implants.
  • Restart aftercare treatment for about a week.

How to Clean Septum Piercings

Like any other piercing, your symptom piercing can become infected if you don’t clean it. You should dry your piercing after each saline soak. 

  • Keeping your septum piercing clean is easy and cheap with a saline soak. A cup, sea salt, gauze, and bottled or distilled water are all you need.
  • Warming the water is the first step after gathering the materials. Warm, not hot, is the key word here. You don’t want to burn your piercing, so avoid doing so.
  • According to Healthline, you should only add 1/8 to 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt to every cup of water you drink.
  • Soak your clean bandages in the solution after the salt has been dissolved. Spend no more than five minutes applying the bandage to your piercing. That concludes the process of cleaning your septum piercing.
  • If you want, you can wash the piercing with clean water afterward.
  • Additionally, before cleaning any piercing, always wash your hands. 
  • You can just buy saline solution if you don’t like making your own saline solution.

How to take care of septum piercing?

Aftercare is very important for septum piercings and it does not end with cleaning only. You will usually need to make some adjustments.

You might even need to alter your skincare routine, for instance. Limit your use of soap and moisturiser near your septum piercing. This adjustment will not last forever; the piercing will need to heal first.

  • To prevent bacterial infection, Fenton also advises against bathing and using hot tubs.
  • Before you touch your piercing, wash your hands. On the other hand, try not to touch it as much as you can because doing so could hold up healing.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, rinse the piercing with warm water prior to flipping up your jewelry.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and alcohol should not be applied to your septum piercing. They are unfair.
  • Take precautions to keep the piercing clean.
  • Do not apply makeup very close to it or touch it.
  • Avoid swimming in potentially contaminated water.
  • Saline solution should be used to clean your piercing twice daily.
  • Also, make sure not to get caught on towels or clothes.
  • Move the piercing only after it has healed. It hurts to pull on a piercing early in healing, but pulling on it can also hinder healing or damage the piercing itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long until you can change a septum piercing?

You can change your septum piercing ring in about 3-4 months of time after your first piercing is done. The initial rings shall be strictly taken off after the piercing has started showing signs of healing. 

  1. Can I change my septum piercing after a month?

No, it is not advised to change your septum ring after a month. It atleast takes 2-3 months. Though the healing time varies for every person, the spetum ring should only be taken off or changed if the piercing has healed properly. 

  1. How do I know if my septum piercing is healed?

When the septum piercing has been gone for at least two to three months, it is considered fully healed. What indications do you have that your septum piercing has healed?

  • When you breathe in or out, there is no pain.
  • There are no signs of infection, such as redness, soreness, swelling, discharge, peeling, or any other similar features.
  • When you wear septum jewelry, you no longer experience any discomfort.
  • The piercing can be moved around freely.
  • Your piercing is safe to clean and maintain on a daily basis.
  • You have proactively had your septum penetrating for somewhere around 2-3 months.
  1. Can I change my septum after 2 weeks?

No, you should not change your septum ring after 2 weeks since it is not healed in that time. 

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