Is It True That Promise Rings Are Bad?

Once upon a time, there was a young couple who had been dating for a few months. One day, the guy surprised his girlfriend with a promise ring, telling her that he wanted to show his commitment and dedication to their relationship. At first, the girl was thrilled and excited to receive such a meaningful gift from her boyfriend.

However, as time went on, she began to feel uneasy about the promise ring. She started to realize that it placed an unnecessary amount of pressure on their relationship, making her feel obligated to stay with her boyfriend even if the relationship wasn’t working out.

The promise ring also caused the couple to have unrealistic expectations of each other, and it became a source of stress and tension in their relationship. They began to argue and fight about the promise ring and what it represented, ultimately leading to the end of their relationship.

In this story, the promise ring is portrayed as “bad” because it created an unnecessary burden on the relationship and placed unrealistic expectations on the couple. It caused more harm than good and ultimately led to the end of their love story.

Promise It is such a beautiful word and we all deeply understand what the word signifies and the things associated with it. But have you ever heard of promise rings? And why are promise rings bad?

Perhaps many must be aware of the promise rings while there could be still many who have not heard of it or either heard too little of it. But today we will understand what promise rings are and their significance in the lives of couples.

Usually, it is a set of similar-looking rings exchanged between couples to signify the love and the bond they have between them. It is usually shared post engagement or before the engagement to celebrate their bond and the love.

Why do people consider promise rings a bad idea?

why promise rings are bad

The purpose of the promise ring is to mould the couple’s present relationship and to cement the relationship to withstand all types of challenges and make it last till the end.

However, relationships can come in different forms and with different choices. While some couples deeply care and love each other but still may not opt for engagement due to certain reasons and in cases like these the promise rings seem to be a good idea as they will serve the purpose of keeping the couple close and committed to each other.

In cases where the couples are equally committed to each other and are planning to opt for engagement, the promise ring sound more of a naive idea as the fact remains that the promise ring will soon be replaced with the actual engagement ring and what in most logical term would seem to be an impulse and useless expenditure for the couples.

However, the fact remains that there are some individuals in relationships who although as committed as their partners but would not agree to wear the promise ring for personal reasons and the idea of promise rings would sound baseless and unappealing to them as they would feel that it is a personal choice and to stay loyal and committed there is no need of such norms or culture to wear the promise ring.

They believe that one can stay true and loyal to their partners even without wearing the promise ring and that it is just a matter of choice an individual makes that decides whether or not they want to be loyal or not to their partners and that the promise rings are just a made up tradition and a childish idea and do not serve the purpose of making relationships strong.

Promise Ring Etiquette

Do And Don’ts

Do wait for the right time and not rush things all at once. Get to know each other first and when you think it’s the right time and you are sure of your partner and willing to accept them despite their flaws then it is the right time to exchange the promise rings.

Don’t make it extra expensive and extravagant. It does not have to be expensive or extravagant, always remember it is not the price or the looks of the ring that matters, it is the commitment that comes from oneself that counts and wins.

Do make sure both individuals are willing to opt for it. It should not be forcefully or unwillingly done. The couple has to be equally willing and ready to wear the ring.

Don’t wear it just for namesake or just to make your couple happy. Wear it and respect it and act accordingly. Respect the relationship and be true to your partner.

Do consider making the occasion special and memorable and make sure it remains more of a surprise than a pre-planned event.  Who does not love surprises?!

Don’t make it fake, just because you saw other couples do it you were also tempted to do the same. It should be natural and it should come from within, the need and purpose the promise will serve in your relationship.

Are promise rings dumb?

why promise rings are bad

For most people, the idea of promise rings remains naive and childish, however, there are still many people who believe that promise rings are of great significance for relationships to last and keep the bond strong.

So there is no evidence to back either of the statement whether or not promise rings are dumb.

What side does a promise ring go on?

A promise ring can be worn on either of the hands, be it left or right. There is no specific hand the promise ring should be worn on, most of the time it is a personal choice and the couple wears it wherever they want to or feel comfortable.

So it solely depends on the couple wearing the promise rings to decide which side they want to wear it on.

What does a promise ring mean from a boyfriend?

why promise rings are bad

A promise ring is an oath, an oath taken by the couple to be loyal, true, and committed to each other.

The couple vows to be with each other at all times, good and bad, and vows to be two bodies and one soul.

However,  the promise ring does not guarantee marriage or engagement as it is an initial phase of the couple getting to know each other and the phase where they are quick to make odd and baseless decisions.

frequently asked questions

1. Why shouldn’t you get a promise ring?

It completely depends on you whether or not to get yourself a promise ring. Promise rings are just a way of expressing love towards your partner and you can do the same even without a promise ring.

2. Is it bad luck to get a promise ring?

There is no solid evidence to back the statement about promise rings being bad luck. It all depends on the couples and their commitment toward each other that decides the fate of their relationship.

Promise rings do not guarantee marriage or engagement and it all depends on how the couple works it out that makes the relationship strong and last long.

3. Are promise rings a bad omen?

It all depends on how people perceive the promise ring. Some would believe it to be truly effective and powerful while some would just consider it to be a cliché.

4. What do promise rings mean?

Promise rings are exchanged between couples to show their love for each other and for those who practice this very tradition of exchanging promise rings signifying the purity of their bond and their collective commitment to the relationship.

Promise rings are exchanged between couples as a sign of taking an oath, an oath to stay loyal to each other, an oath to strengthen their current relationship, and anticipation for a similarly bright future for themselves.

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